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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Electric Four Wheel Truck
(2500 / 3000 kg)

EFG 425/425k/430/430k/S30

Electric Four Wheel Truck
(2500, 3000 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
3100 mm
Capacity / load
from 2.50 to 3.00 t

  • Application-specific truck performance with Efficiency and Drive&Lift Plus performance models
  • Quickly and intuitively adaptable operating concept
  • Driver assistance systems to suit any application (optional)
  • Lateral battery replacement with SnapFit
  • New design for storage trays

The newest generation of 3-phase AC technology offers a number of benefits:

  • Maximum throughput with peak acceleration, travel and lift levels
  • Integrated control and wear-free regenerative braking system with energy recovery in the battery
  • Maintenance and wear-free enclosed drive motor

The right configuration for your needs: The variable travel/lift speeds of the Efficiency and Drive&Lift Plus modules will complete your transport and stacking operations with maximum energy efficiency.

The technical design with its sturdy truck design, ease of servicing and forward-looking technology.

  • Sturdy design with steel mud guards, steel covers and protected lighting.
  • Enclosed truck frame – including the battery – for increased stability and protection.
  • Maintenance-free components (e.g. brakes and gears)
  • Improved ease of servicing thanks to modular component design and direct access.


Options packages

The right truck for every application. The Efficiency and Drive&Lift Plus packages make it possible:

Efficiency Package:

  • Curve Control.
  • Standard package.

Drive&Lift Plus Package:

  • High performance package.

Ergonomic workstation

The ergonomics of the operator's workstation guarantee relaxed, fatigue-free work:

  • Low, highlighted entry step with level footwell.
  • Slim steering column for maximum knee and legroom.
  • Steering column and armrest can be quickly and intuitively adjusted (1-point adjustment).
  • Unobstructed view thanks to special overhead guard design, optimised profile and hose configuration.
  • Particularly comfortable operation thanks to integration of all relevant controls in the armrest which moves with the operator.
  • Low vibrations as the cab floats on special mountings. .
  • Operator-oriented storage concept for intuitive and fault-free use.


High travel speeds and performance levels also require a high level of safety:

  • Reduction in travel speed when cornering with Curve Control.
  • No uncontrolled roll-back on ramps or inclines because of automatic parking brake (optional).
  • Maximum stability due to extremely low centre of gravity and high mounted steering axle

A range of optional operator assistance systems (optional) provide additional safety for the operator, truck and load:

  • Access Control:
  • The access control system unlocks the vehicle only after a sequence of safety checks:
  1. Valid access rights.
  2. Closed seat switch.
  3. Seatbelt is secured.
  • Drive Control: The speed control which automatically reduces the speed of travel when cornering and from a defined lift height.
  • Lift Control: The lift speed control which, in addition to the travel speed reduction, also automatically reduces the tilt speed of the mast from a defined lift height. The tilt angle is shown on a separate display.

Intelligent electronics

  • Easy adaptation to meet any needs via five individually modifiable travel programs.
  • Fast and cost-effective maintenance thanks to monitoring of all components and capturing of service data.
  • Display of steering wheel position and speed (optional).
  • Integrated converter allowing additional truck options to be used easily.

Lateral battery exchange

  • Universal battery replacement system for all 48 V and 80 V trucks.
  • Simple, quick and reliable replacement system.

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