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Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks

Electro Flatbed Truck (1500 kg)

EZW 515

Electro Flatbed Truck
(1500 kg)

Lift (standard mast)
0 mm
Capacity / load
1.50 t
  • Version with and without cab
  • Outstanding driving comfort thanks to sprung chassis
  • Loading area can carry up to 1.5 t
  • Electric hydraulic steering for fatigue-free travel

Robust, versatile and economic: these are the advantages of our electric flatbed truck EZW 515. Whether indoors or outdoors – with load capacities up to 1.5 tons, this heavy-duty, high-performance flatbed truck is suitable for every application.

But that is not all: Our EZW 515 also offer you not only top driving comfort and safety but also great performance combined with low energy consumption:

  • Applications within maintenance, speed in factory delivery or as four wheel tow tractor.
  • Able to meet requirements for load gates, tarpaulin top or boxed housings.
  • Comfort suspension system: The fully sprung chassis with springs and shock absorbers on every wheel not only protects the driver’s back, but also the truck.
  • Robust design: The strong steel chassis and heavy-duty formed parts last the truck’s entire service life even when used day in, day out.
  • The optional lighting with environmentally friendly LED lighting elements is insensitive to shocks.
  • Suitable couplings can be attached.
  • Spacious operator position: The low footstep and the spacious footwell provide as well as steering wheel and operation element positions an ergonomic working.
  • Electro-hydraulic steering enables precise driving with less effort.
  • Automatic parking brake with anti-roll back function: When the truck comes to a standstill on slopes, it is secured by an automatic parking brake.
  • 48-volt three-phase AC motor provide for strong acceleration and a high top speed.
  • Regenerative braking: The energy won while braking is returned to the battery, thus extending its operating time.

Conclusion: Sophisticated ergonomics and technology in the form of our EZW 515 ensure safe, effortless working combined with cost and energy efficiency.



Innovative 3-phase AC technology

Jungheinrich 3-phase AC motors offer you higher performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

  • High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration and high top speed, even when laden.
  • Rapid change in direction of travel.
  • No carbon brushes – maintenance-free drive motor.
  • Two-year warranty on the drive motor.

Comfortable and safe operation

The SpeedControl impulse electronic management system and the automatic electrical braking system ensure comfortable and safe operation of the vehicle, with adjustment opportunities to suit any application:

  • The fully sprung chassis with springs and shock absorber guarantees traction at all times.
  • The automatic parking brake ensures that driving off is safe, even on slopes.
  • The travel speed set using the accelerator is maintained in all situations.
  • Energy recovery: Regenerative braking when decelerating.
  • Programmable crawl speed switch allows travel at reduced speed.
  • Three alternative travel programs can be set to suit every specific need.
  • Seeing and being seen: Two-stage LED lights (daytime running lights, travel lights).

Optimised ergonomics

  • Easy entry and exit due to the low footstep.
  • Spacious operator position with large footwell.
  • Short distances from the operator position to the load area.
  • Inching controls for simple coupling and decoupling (optional).
  • Non-marking super-elastic wheels (optional).
  • Well organised with many storage areas for the operator.

Robust construction for the hardest applications

  • Chassis of 8 mm high quality steel.
  • Extra-high chassis apron to the front.
  • Robust high intensity, LED (light emitting diode) rear lights and indicators (optional).
  • Lateral protection provided by skirting (optional).

Long operating times

Energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology and high battery capacities allow for long operating times. Optional built in charger offer easy charging at standard electricity sockets.

  • Standard version: 4 PzS 320 Ah.

Always informed

Easily read display and instruments always allows a complete overview of battery discharge indication, operation hours, speed and fault diagnostics.

  • PIN activation of the vehicle (optional).
  • Adjustable travel parameters.
  • Various symbols inform about the status of the truck.

Additional equipment (optional)

Extensive accessories for individual tailoring to your requirements:

  • Additional options on loading platform: loading gates, tarpaulin top or boxed housing available.
  • Inching buttons for simple coupling and decoupling.
  • Holder for radio data components.
  • Different couplings.
  • Built in charger: for easy charging at standard eletricity sockets.
  • Cabs with a variety of facilities for use outside.
  • Additional options allow the EZW 515 to be tailored to specific needs.
  • Also available: tow tractors series 5 (basis truck for EZW 515).

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